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Care One Communications was started in 2001 when founder Fernando Munoz found a growing need for skilled IT talent to help the Small and Mid-sized business. The common issue found among Small to Mid-sized businesses was that they had a relative or friend caring for their IT on the side or IT companies focused most of their attention on larger clients.

Our mission and passion is to solely service Small and Mid-sized businesses giving them the proper care and attention they need with Enterprise level technical support. We treat every one of our clients with top notch customer service and technical support.

Our motivation derives from the positive feedback we get from our clients and we love using technology to solve our client’s biggest IT challenges and headaches while we save them money and keep them organized.

Our vision is to supply Small and Mid-sized client with enterprise-level technical support and customer service while remaining within their budget. We soon plan to open a second location in Manhattan within the next few months.

We offer our Managed Services to clients in a unique way to make them feel we are part of their company and also a team member working with the same goals in mind. We want them to know we are doing everything in our power to keep their systems running optimally.

We are different in a way where Break-Fix companies are profitable only when a client’s computer breaks down and we are only profitable when we keep our client’s computers up-and-running continuously. Our company loses money when your system breaks down therefor we do everything in our power to provide smooth sailing. Care One is unmatched in the attention and customization we provide our clients; we pride ourselves on customer service and high technical abilities.